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Here we are North Battleford – the best new addition to an amazing community. We offer athletic rhythm ride spin classes. Experience the “hustle” while being instructed on the bike to banging music in a low lit room. You will be amazed at the full-body workout. 

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9902 20th Ave

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Plenty of space

At Hustle House, we have one of the best fitness studios in North Battleford.  More than just a roomy and energetic spin studio, we also have a large open space in the foyer to stretch out and cool down/warm up. we have multiple washrooms and a change are as well! 

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our spin studio in North Battleford has plenty of membership levels to suit everyones needs. Wether you just want to try it out for the first time, or you want to jump right in to our top level membership, you can get started today by heading over to sign up

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