Meet Nicole!

Where are you from?

Beautiful NB

Interesting fact about you?

I’m a mama to three busy boys and am obsessed with all HGTV, especially Hometown and Fixer Upper. I could watch home reveals all day!

favorite past time?

Drinking coffee and watching HGTV curled up on the couch.

Why do you love spin?

I first fell in love with the atmosphere, loud music and fun lights. But what keeps me going is the feeling of community. I love that spin is so inclusive. Everyone can ride because it’s our individual experience on the bike, and there’s always room to grow. Not to mention, that post spin glow and all the positive feels that come with it!

Favorite Quote?

In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

Favorite Track?

 Fast climb or party climb. The party moves add something fun and I love being able to get lost in the song while still working hard.