An Amazing Spin Studio

We have a truly amazing spin studio. We have a freshly renovated modern facility in North Battleford with a big spin room, a large open area, washrooms & change rooms, and even some cool swag for you to browse through.

Not Just A Gym. We’re a Fitness Studio!

Big Spin Studio

Where the magic happens! Our spin room features a ton of bikes with plenty of space between machines. A booming sound system and light show synced with music to make it extra fun! We also have an assortments of weights to use during class, air-con & big fans to keep the room cool, and a raised platform stage so you can always see your instructor.

Large Open Space

Between the main entrance and the spin studio we have a large open space for stretching, warming up, cooling down, or whatever you want! We even have a few bikes set up in the open area so you can get in some extra practice if you want!


At Hustle House we have two washrooms available, along with a change room as well. We also have a waiting room with lots of cubbies just outside the spin studio. We have a large lobby with benches, and even some swag for you to browse through.

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